The Smart Contract Package Manager

The Eris Package Manager Deploys and Tests Smart Contract Systems

The eris:pm is our smart contract package manager. eris:pm allows developers to easily and simply compile, deploy, and test suites of smart contracts in a cohesive manner.

eris:pm is a high level tool which provides easy access to most of the eris:db tooling. eris:pm is used to deploy and test suites of smart contracts. In general it will wrap the mint-client tooling, along with eris-keys and eris-compilers to provide a harmonized interface to the modular components of the eris open source platform.

eris:pm is closer to an ansible or chef like tool than it is NPM in that it is a deployment sequence and testing tool. eris:pm uses an epm definition file to tell the package manager what jobs should be ran and in what order.

In eris:pm a job is a single action which is performed (such as a transaction, a contract deployment, a call to a smart contract, or a query of information). The results of these jobs are then kept in variables and may be used in later jobs.

Please see the documentation for more on eris:pm.

Get Started Using eris:pm